"The Atom: A Love Affair"


Feature doc revealing our seven-decade relationship with history's most controversial power source


70 years ago, a new energy source burst upon the world. Since the first moment the atom hit the public’s consciousness, great claims have been made for its potential to revolutionise the world, free us from energy dependence and, most recently, help fight the scourge of climate change. But despite tremendous backing from political and scientific elites, the history of nuclear power is littered with failed promises, blunders, cover-ups and catastrophes and its proponents have faced an ongoing battle to keep the atomic message alive through advertising, PR and opaque back-room deals. With the much-vaunted 'nuclear renaissance’ looking increasingly shaky, now is the time to look again at the story of nuclear's political fortunes through the decades - a story full of twists and turns, massive setbacks and startling comebacks.


Covering events in Britain, America, France & Germany through frank interviews with politicians, industry insiders and expert commentators, alongside genuine archive gems from the PR vaults, "The Atom: A Love Affair" lays bare the tragicomic true story of one of the 20th Century's greatest technological obsessions. In our rapidly evolving 21st century landscape of flexible, decentralised smart energy solutions, is it time for the atomic proponents whose love still burns strongly to accept that this time, it really could be the end of the affair?

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